Write your book 2024


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TitleWrite Your Book
Dates(s)The last Saturday of every month – 27.1.24, 24.2.24, 30.3.24, 27.4.24, 25.5.24, 29.6.24, 27.7.24, 31.8.24, 28.9.24, 26.10.24, 30.11.24, 28.12.24
LocationVirtual, via Zoom
Cost£280 for twelve sessions
DescriptionIf you keep finding reasons not to write your book, then this is the course for you! With one session per month for a year, you will be guided through the whole process, from turning your idea into a workable structure, to progressing, chapter-by-chapter, dealing with setbacks along the way. Get some feedback on your work in progress and write in the company of others, committed to completing a book in a year. The course will cover:

·      Planning your book and deciding on your approach

·      Structuring your writing

·      How to start your book

·      Structuring a chapter

·      Creating rounded characters that develop and giving them voice

·      Varying the pace

·      Overcoming writers’ block and other issues

·      How and when to end

·      Proofreading and editing your own work

·      Submitting your work to a publisher or agent

Each session will include the opportunity to share progress, some direct teaching and some actual writing time.

Anything elseThe course will take place via zoom so you will need a suitable electronic device and a good internet connection. All sessions will be recorded so that participants can access them later and, by enrolling on this course, you give your consent to being recorded as part of that process.


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