Writing for wellbeing for vulnerable groups


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TitleWriting for wellbeing for vulnerable groups
Dates(s) Tuesday 16th April 2024
LocationVirtually, via Zoom
DescriptionThis virtual, experiential workshop considers how to set up and run writing for wellbeing groups for vulnerable adults. It is intended to include the following:

v How we define vulnerable adults

v The professional skills and qualities required to run such a group

v Professional boundaries

v How to plan and prepare a course and session

v  A range of different writing for wellbeing activities suitable for use with groups

v The end of a course and beyond.

This is intended for those who are interested in, or have experience of, delivering writing for wellbeing and who are considering, or have started, running groups for vulnerable adults. It is offers practical advice and activities, with participants contributing from their knowledge and experience.

Anything elseThere will be ‘stretch and stroll’ screen breaks throughout the workshop with a thirty minute break for lunch.

Helen Stockton is a writing for wellbeing facilitator with many years experience of working with vulnerable adults including those with mental health issues, physical disabilities and people receiving palliative care.


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