Facilitating Writing for Wellbeing

Writing for wellbeing is about using the cathartic, self-expressive and introspective aspects of creative writing in a therapeutic way to improve general wellness. I belong to Lapidus and am part of their research group. I am a PhD student with Lancaster University researching the lived experience of writing for wellbeing in palliative care. I also provide training for those interested in running their own groups, CPD for other practitioners, and training for therapists who want to use it as part of their professional practise. I am also trained in using writing for wellbeing with those suffering from early-stage dementia. I deliver writing for wellbeing sessions both on-line and face-to-face, privately and for a variety of organisations including:

  • Sussex Oakleaf, a mental health charity
  • St Peter and St James hospice
  • Hospice in the Weald
  • Carers Support Centre, Croydon