Back to School

Since before the schools actually broke up for the summer, the shops have been full of ‘back to school’ signs, advertising everything from uniform to stationery for the new school year. But the ‘back to school’ logo begs the question of whether we ever actually stop learning. The concept that we receive all our academic instruction whilst we are young and then we sail off into the educational sunset has never been more misplaced. Life is a journey with many twists and turns and, as we reinvent ourselves to cope with new situations, we need to upgrade our skills set. We also develop new hobbies and interests so some of the learning is to further our deep curiosity about things that intrigue us. However, there is something about September that makes us stop and re-evaluate. The summer is drawing to a close and we begin to shift our focus slightly from outdoors to indoors. So this is the moment! If you’ve been thinking of updating existing skills or learning something new plan it in. It doesn’t have to be a big investment in time or money so don’t put it off. After all, September is the ‘back to school’ month!

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