The New Year is a time for writing!

One of the nice things about January is that we can take a moment to reflect on the year that has gone by, and the year ahead. This is course planning season at Write This Time, so watch out for new courses popping up on our website and in our newsletters. If you’ve got any ideas about what you’d like to see offered, please let us know.

One of the aspects of writing, which sometimes gets lost in the rush for publication or competition success, is that writing should be fun. You can write to entertain yourself or others, and that is just fine! Sometimes it is good to play with writing, trying out a new technique, form, genre or voice. One of the places where really good writing can emerge is when writers move outside their comfort zones and try something different. So if you’ve never tried writing a poem, flash fiction, memoir or travel writing, why not experiment a little, and enjoy giving it a go!

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